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Why Us?

We strive to connect with the individuals and businesses we work with on an entirely different level than the typical client/advisor relationship, treating your family like our own.

  • One trusted contact!

    • Every Axis Wealth Advisor acts as a Fiduciary for all clients, with the responsibility to what is in your best interest
    • You have your advisor's cell phone number. So, no calls to a random (800)... phone number representative
    • Our schedules are tailored to fit our clients.  (E.g. – nights and weekends available if necessary)
    • We will travel to you, since not everyone can come into an office
    • Financial planning advice for this and any other accounts you care to discuss
    • Getting to know you and your family over time allows us to better plan for your unique lifestyle and goals
    • Our goal is to simplify your finances for you and remove the guesswork or manual labor of having to do it yourself

  • Independent Financial and Investment guidance

    • We do not own or sell any proprietary investments
    • Independence means we’re not tied to using only one company’s financial products.  This means we can evaluate all of the resources available in the market place and suggest what we think is best for each client.
    • Access to Institutional investment strategies, not available to all banks, “full-service” investment firms, or "discount brokers"

  • Costs

    • Fees are generally structured as either an annual management expense (based on assets under administration), a monthly subscription for financial planning or a one-time consulting fee on specific projects 
    • Complete transparency on all fees paid
    • Annual management expenses include all trading costs (i.e. – regardless of the number of trades required to manage the risk of your portfolio, this will not affect your total expenses)
    • Online access to your accounts, planning documents and learning tools are included
    • Low cost portfolios
      • Access to Institutional Class (Low Cost) mutual funds, many of which an individual investor can not purchase on their own
      • No sales loads charged on mutual funds in managed accounts
      • Portfolios may include ETFs, index funds, or other passively managed investments
      • Tailored portfolios of individual securities available