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We provide professional advice, simplifying our clients’ finances with the goal of maximizing the enjoyment of their personal lives, and leave their intended legacy.  We do this by building customized financial plans for each client and managing or suggesting investment portfolios to fit their needs.

Whenever a Financial Advisor is the topic of discussion at a dinner party or around the campfire, investment strategies typically dominate the conversation.  We all feel better sharing a story of great returns.  As the advisor, it’s just as thrilling for us to tell tales of helping a client retire earlier than expected, preserving their estate and legacy, or saving them from paying more taxes than they should.  For these reasons and more, we start with developing your tailored, collaborative financial plan and then proposing investments to support it.

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The Planning Process

We have a 4-step planning process we follow with every client:

1. Get to Know you

  • It is vital to your success that, as your Advisors, we understand your personal values to align your plans with them.  Our first meeting together is strictly focused on learning all that we can about you.  Your desires are what drive you.  So, let's talk about: What do you want to do? When? With Who? ...and, most importantly, Why? 

  • Now that we know the real you, we’ll need your financial data (I.e. – Income, Spending, Savings, etc.) to customize the plan to fit.  The data is typically outlined with a questionnaire which we will provide to you.  You can take it with you to complete in the comfort of your own home or we’d be happy to walk through it with you, step-by-step. 

2. Design your plan

  • Once we’ve had a chance to get to know one another and the necessary financial data has been collected, our team will analyze and construct your plan. As questions arise, we will coordinate with you and, depending on your level of comfort, your trusted advisors (CPA, Attorney, etc.) to help ensure we have the most accurate picture possible.

  • We use one of the most comprehensive financial planning software tools in the industry, provided by eMoney, to evaluate and stress test each scenario for your personalized strategy.

3. Present and Implement the plan

  • Once we have finalized your plan, it's time to meet again.  We will walk you through our findings in your current financial picture and provide an outline of what we think is your best approach, going forward.  This will give us a chance to explain the rationale for our proposal and answer any questions you may have.

  • Once you give us the thumbs up, we take the lead on putting the parts together
    • Organize and cross-reference your planning documents
    • Build account applications,
    • Assist you in funding your accounts
    • Follow-up to eliminate any loose ends

4. Monitor and Adjust

  • At this point, you will have taken significant steps that work towards improving your financial well-being.  That doesn’t mean our job is done. This is the beginning of our ongoing commitment to you. We fully understand that people grow and change, and life can throw you curve balls.  For these reasons, it is incredibly important that we continue to communicate with one another and adjust the original framework as time goes on.

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